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My Journey

Being self employed or running a company can be challenging at times. I speak from experience.  
Now I help local people by designing and creating intuitive websites that are engaging and will be loved by you, your clients and your fans alike

My Story:

Peter Johnson

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2018 onwards  (this is me on the right)

After retiring in 2017, I got bored within 6 months and as an ex-business owner, my hobbies were my businesses. However,  as luck would have it, a very good friend of mine ask if I would help out with his business, which lead to the design and creation of his very first website. 

Since creating my good friends first website 

three things happened to me:

  1. I found a hobby I really love and enjoy with no stress

  2. I get to work with all types of interesting and like minded people that need help

  3. I get paid to help people and businesses for doing a hobby I thoroughly enjoy. 

If you would like to learn more about me or how I can help you, please feel free to get in touch with me. A simply quick chat with me is completely free. 

1999 to 2012  (this is me on the left during this time)

I am an ordinary person who decided to set-up and grow several successful businesses from scratch, which began very close to the dawn of the web. Back then, I used to hire web firms who would charge me 10's of thousands to build websites. What made it even more challenging is we had to keep changing them every few years to keep them current and yes, It got very expensive. 

2012 to 2017

My last business venture, we had run out of budget, so, I did some research and found weebly, squarespace and Wix.. These web builder platforms became a game changer for our business. Not only did we save a shed load of money, we were able to design, build and maintain our websites with very little cost. Just our time, effort and the subscriptions fees.