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My Services 

As an individual or a company you need to get found, be noticed and engaging in order to grow your business in highly competitive market.

My website skills combined with my business experience will help you to achieve success

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I design and create modern, visually stunning and intuitive websites, which get you noticed, deliver your message and 

inspire your audience to engage with you.


Whether you are a self employed providing a service or a business selling products or services, I can create an online presence to help you attract and grow your business and fan base.

My website design service and approach

What you can expect from me

Whether you know what you want or are uncertain, I will work with you to create a website that will exceed your expectations and my work doesn't stop until it does.

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  • An initial chat to talk about you, your business, what you want and want to achieve:

    • If you are clear about what you want; I will translate your ideas into your web creation.  

    • If you are uncertain, I will help you find your desired web creation.

Initial meeting (in person or by phone)

  • Design and create some sample draft sites for you to select until you find the one.

  • Discuss and finalise your site, the navigation, colour schemes, fonts, add-ons, content and so on.

Day 1 (begin your creation)

Day 2 - 5 (build your creation)

  • Build and create your website in line with chosen selection

  • You supply the site content and any images (I will help if you get stuck) 

  • Review my creation and make any changes and amendments where you feel appropriate and keep going until you're happy.

  • We go live and publish your site live.

Day 6 onwards (provide support to you)

  • Once your web creation is live, you can still make further changes as your website is a journey of evolution, not an end point in its creation.

  • I am available to support you whenever you need my help

  • Landing pages

  • Blog sites

  • CV or Portfolio

  • Marketing sites

  • E-commerce sites

My Services Scope:

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Add-on Services

  • Website content

  • Marketing content

  • SEO set-up

  • Business advisory

  • Business support